The Glycoala Line

Glycoala Bio Gel

Glycoala Bio Gel stands out as the world’s exclusive cosmetic biomodulation gel, harnessing the advanced Spongilla Spicules Bio micro-channeling system for superior stability, enhanced skin penetration and absorption of the 10 synergetic unique actives included in the product.
This groundbreaking treatment is meticulously crafted to address a spectrum of skincare concerns, skin hyperpigmentation, photo aged and ageing skin, skin redness, enlarged pores, epidermal thickness and irregularities, oily skin, freckles, black & white heads, yellow speckles, to unclog skin pores, skin hydration and rejuvenation.

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Glycoala Revive Gel

Glycoala Revive Gel is a Moisturizing, Calming, Soothing, and Repairing Lightweight Gel – a specialized formulation designed for post-cosmetic/aesthetic treatments, including chemical peelings, micro-needling procedures, skin laser treatments, and dermabrasions. 
This lightweight gel is meticulously crafted to promote the healing process of the skin while delivering a cooling relief that enhances comfort. Beyond its soothing properties, the product boasts exceptional moisturizing effects, ensuring optimal hydration during the critical recovery period. 
One of its distinctive features is the incorporation of antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits, offering added protection to the treated skin. This dual-action formula not only supports the natural healing process but also safeguards against potential infections.

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Glycoala gel

Glycoala gel is a novel skin conditioning and anti-ageing gel, uniquely formulated using the cutting-edge Glycospheres -5 ala and hyaluronic acid technology.
This groundbreaking cosmetic gel provides remarkable skin rejuvenation effects, improves skin tone, diminishes visible signs of sun damage and ageing, reduces the size of the pores, decreases skin oiliness, indicated to skin prone to acne, enhances hydration, improves moisture retention removes blackheads.

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Glycoala HR

Glycoala HR represents a groundbreaking and innovative technology for hair removal, leveraging the unique application of Glycospheres (nanoparticle technology) containing 5-Aminolevulinic Acid, Hyluronic Acid, and Capislow. It stands as the sole cosmetic Hair Removal photodynamic gel in the world to incorporate such advanced delivery technology, ideal for hair removal of any type of color (black, blond, red, white, fluffy) in only 3 sessions and only in 2 months period.   
Glycoala HR represents a selective and cost-effective method for hair removal, delivering results without the drawbacks of excessive time consumption, pain, and skin damage.

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Glycoala R

Glycoala R stands out as the sole cosmetic phototherapy gel worldwide, incorporating a unique and synergistic blend of Cytokinin, Chrysanthemum Parthenium Extract, and Laminaria Digitata Extract, synergistically combined with the application of RED LIGHT.
Glycoala R supports, enhances, and soothes delicate skins, diminishes skin redness, achieves skin tone balance, provides intensive skin hydration, and restores the skin’s innate radiance. Furthermore, Glycoala R bestows protective effects against UV damage, owing to its antibacterial and anti-ageing properties.

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Glycoala Home

Glycoala hòme represents a groundbreaking home-use photodynamic therapy gel, designed for facial, neck, décolleté, and hand applications. It is based on the unique utilization of Glycospheres containing 5-Aminolevulinic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid.
Through Glycoala hòme photodynamic therapy (PDT), notable histological and clinical enhancements in the skin are achieved. These improvements include an increase in collagen levels, a smoother skin texture, a reduction in wrinkles, amelioration of hypertrophic scars with diminished erythema, decreased volume, enhanced flexibility, reduced skin pore size, and a decrease in oiliness in the skin. Furthermore, this therapy leads to remarkable improvements in acne-prone skin.
The utilization of Glycoala hòme-PDT obviates the necessity for prolonged, frequent, and time-consuming daily home skin care treatments.

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Glycoala Oxygen Scrub

The Glycoala Oxygen Scrub is a gel exfoliator that operates through mechanical means, eliciting skin rejuvenation by supplying supplemental oxygen and vitamins, thereby enhancing the skin’s capacity to restore its physiological functions.
This gel exfoliator facilitates skin cleansing, soothing, and hydration processes. The gel’s gentle action facilitates the extraction of impurities, while its seeds effectively eliminate dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, thereby optimizing the efficacy of any subsequent product applications.

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Glycoala fos

Glycoala Fos: LED Face–Neck & Hand Mask is an advanced cosmetic device harnessing the power of High-Tech LED technology (RED+IR, BLUE+IR & RED+BLUE+IR LIGHT) to facilitate photodynamic therapy, deep cellular activation and skin metabolism. This mask operates by converting absorbed light energy into intracellular energy, thereby relaxing and strengthening micro-blood vessels, instigating photochemical and enzymatic reactions, and elevating catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity within cells.
Through the stimulation of basic fibroblast growth factor (BFGF) and epidermal growth factor (EGF) secretion, this mask effectively revitalizes the skin, promoting collagen rearrangement and inhibiting melanin formation. As a result, it accelerates cell growth, enhances blood circulation, and fosters collagen production, leading to improved skin elasticity.
Glycoala Fos far-reaching benefits encompass skin repair for ageing skin, acne-prone skin, oily skin, acne and skin blemishes. 

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Glycoala Ultrasonic Skin Blade

Glycoala Ultrasonic Skin Blade is a device designed to exfoliate dead epithelial cells and purify the skin through multifunctional capabilities, all elegantly housed in a compact and stylish form factor. This state-of-the-art tool caters to all skin types and induces substantial improvements, resulting in a smoother, younger, healthier, and more even skin appearance.The device’s quality is evident in its high-grade metal scrubber plate, composed of specially selected materials such as special PC, stainless steel, and zamak 3, ensuring a gentle and painless experience on the skin.
The intelligently engineered metal plate and heating massage head in relation to the very high vibration frequency of Glycoala Ultrasonic Skin Blade are expertly designed to seamlessly conform to the unique contours of any skin type, to drainage the lymph, lift and tight the skin.

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Glycoala UV flashlight

The Glycoala UV flashlight stands as an indispensable tool essential for the precise diagnosis of various skin and mucosal tumors assisting healthcare professionals in detecting and evaluating these conditions. Furthermore, the Glycoala UV flashlight showcases its versatility by facilitating the fluorescence red transformation of Glycoala gel. After application and full skin absorption of the gel, the Glycoala UV flashlight illuminates the treated area, showcasing the fluorescence red transformation. This unique feature serves as an essential indicator of the gel’s efficacy, enabling medical practitioners to assess its proper application.

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