Testimonials: Physicians and Patients Appreciate the Benefits of GlycoAla

My skin rejuvenation patients are very happy with the results – especially those with troublesome oily skin. Our 3D imaging analysis shows they have impressive results, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and pore size. – Dr. Sebastian Cintolesi, Santiago, Chile
I’m so pleased with the results that I’m getting with GlycoAla! I’ve done many different skin treatments over the years and this is truly one of the best that I’ve tried! – Whitney, California
GlycoAla represents an exciting new category of light-activated cosmetic products that deliver impressive skin rejuvenation results with minimal  downtime and less cost than is associated with more aggressive treatments. – Robert Weiss, MD, Johns Hopkins University  
I love the results from GlycoAla; they just continue to get better. My skin looks firmer and my sun damage has visibly reduced. One of the best treatments I have had. – Susan, Manchester, UK
Our patients have benefited significantly from our new light-activated GlycoAla treatments, especially in the appearance of pore size and improved skin tone. – Stephen Miller, MD, San Antonio, TX
I was very impressed with the GlycoAla treatment, having spent many years as a sun worshipper, I had sun damage on both my face and décolletage area. After just one treatment, people were commenting on how good my skin looked. – Chris, Bedford, UK
Our patients have been very pleased with their GlycoAla treatments. They have seen improved appearance of skin tone and texture, and reduced appearance of sun damage and pore size without significant downtime or side effects. – Prof. Dr. Klaus Fritz, Landua, Germany