“Our patients have benefited significantly from our new light-activated GlycoAla treatments, especially in the appearance of pore size and improved skin tone.” – Stephen Miller, MD, San Antonio, TX
“GlycoAla represents an exciting new category of light-activated cosmetic products that deliver impressive skin rejuvenation results with minimal  downtime and less cost than is associated with more aggressive treatments.” – Robert Weiss, MD, Johns Hopkins University
“Our patients have been very pleased with their GlycoAla treatments. They have seen improved appearance of skin tone and texture, and reduced appearance of sun damage and pore size without significant downtime or side effects.” – Prof. Dr. Klaus Fritz, Landua, Germany
“My skin rejuvenation patients are very happy with the results – especially those with troublesome oily skin. Our 3D imaging analysis shows they have impressive results, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and pore size.” – Dr. Sebastian Cintolesi, Santiago, Chile

About GlycoAla®

GlycoAla® is the world’s only cosmetic photodynamic gel that includes hyaluronic acid and utilizes an advanced glycosphere nanoparticle delivery system for superior stability, absorption, and results. GlycoAla’s photodynamic ingredient is encapsulated in glycosphere nanoparticles, which enables enhanced absorption and provides you and your patients a safe and efficacious treatment that dramatically changes the appearance of:
  • Pore size
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Skin tone and firmness
  • Skin smoothness
  • Hydration
GlycoAla produces impressive results but with significantly less discomfort, downtime, side effects and cost often associated with more aggressive techniques. These unique characteristics make GlycoAla an ideal option to attract patients who desire non-invasive, low-risk, affordable treatments. Unique in photodynamic cosmetic products, GlycoAla’s glycosphere delivery technology is among the most stable, effective delivery formulations available.
Significantly improved skin tone appearance and reduced look of sun damage 30 days after GlycoAla treatment.

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GlycoAla’s Superior Formulation and Technology Means

The Benefits of Glycosphere Technology

Various delivery systems are used as ingredient carriers in many different forms, including liposomes, nanospheres, or microspheres. Advances in delivery systems using glycospheres have enhanced ingredient delivery and stability. Only GlycoAla uses this advanced delivery technology in a cosmetic photodynamic gel.

The benefit of the GlycoAla glycosphere technology is greater product stability and enhanced absorption, resulting in impressive outcomes without the downtime, side effects and cost often associated with more aggressive techniques.