Who is GlobalMed?

GlobalMed Technologies (GMT) is a worldwide medical technology company established in 1996. Specializing in lasers and other energy-based devices for treatment of various medical and cosmetic conditions, throughout its 20+ year history GlobalMed has represented and launched some of the most recognizable brands in the industry, including: Omnilux®, VASERlipo®, BTL®, Cool TouchTM, PhotoMedex® and RadiancyTM.

Now, GlobalMed is adding GlycoAla®, the world’s only cosmetic photodynamic gel with hyaluronic acid, to its portfolio of products. GlycoAla is designed to help reduce and prevent the visible signs of aging, and represents an ideal complement to GMT’s gold standard brands.

Experienced Team

GMT is a worldwide leader in phototherapy technology. Leveraging our extensive network of experienced distributors and customer base, we are proud to now offer the most advanced cosmetic photodynamic skin care product available today.

Worldwide Reach

Currently operating throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, GMT is committed to a continued investment in research and development to bring new indications and products to market.


GMT has been a worldwide leader in clinical and aesthetic devices for over 20 years


GMT operates in over 75 countries worldwide


GMT has over 7,000 clinical and aesthetic devices installed worldwide


More than 1 million procedures and treatments worldwide have been performed on GMT-placed devices